Briefly about us

Our values:

equality of chances, creativity, European citizenship, integrated education

According to our Incorporation Deeds we are a juridical person without profit purpose, nongovernmental, apolitical with educative-informational, cultural and philanthropy purposes, this does not sais much there for if you want to know more read our presentation below.

We belive in the value of nonformal learning since we all learn, evriwhere at all times and by becoming conciencios of that we can all build a valuable future on personal, professional, personal, cultural and civic level.

Our organisation is not an alternative for leasure time but a way to get involved according to each and evribody’s personality, education, family , circle of friends and comunity.

We relay on volunteers and we kindly ask people to donate thir time and do here with us things that they wanted but never had the chance to do. Others began to spread the volunteering concept before us but we embraced this gladly.

Integrating in all projects young people with fewer opportunities and young people from the rural area one of our main goals.

Briefly about us

We are a group of enthousiastic people who assumed a dearing mission, to offer the young people from a little town with a population of a little over 10.000 inhabitants the opportunity to have an organisation where the initiative and the creativity to be encouraged, the dreams and aspirations to find a way into projects that can be set in motion.

Our activity concentrates in the southern part of Dambovita county, without excluding the posibilities to have activities in other areas of the contry and abroad. The initiators of this organisation were involved is setting up noumerous youth programs under national and international initiatives, and we are ready to use our entire experience in order to support young people to become more trustfull in their personal resouces, more daring, we would like them in this way to discover and express their personality.

We are interested in networking and increasing youth awarness regarding NGO’s and issues related with organisation life we attend trainings organised by the National Agency which coordinated the Programme Youth in Action and now coordinats the Programme Erasmus Plus.

Our expertise covers the following aspects without bein limited at; preparating and organising events, writting projects for financing different types of actions and aquisitions, creating organisational image and brand through web design, creating personalised web sites and promotion materials and last but not leats organising trainings on varoius subjects of intrest for our young audience.

We are a youth organization, our programs and projects address mainly persons with between 13-25 years of age, but this does not exclude co operations into projects for children, adults and even seniors.

Our current and near future Projects:

Our partners, sponsors and supporters:

Organization Structure

We plan to be active five domains:
• Training and Personal Development
• Non formal Learning Methods
• Social and Civic Dialog
• Ecology, Durable Development and Healthy Life Style
• Volunteering

to which we added other three directions of intervention:
• Cultural and Extracurricular Activities
• Project Preparation and Project Management
• Partnerships and Public Relations
supported by two administrative departments: Infrastructure- Administration and Accounting